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Juicing And The Healthiest Combinations To Try

The health industry trend of juicing is becoming more popular, especially with the healthy and conscious individuals looking for antioxidants in their diet.

Cold-pressed juice is a delicious, healthy and innovative way to consume your daily dose of fruits and vegetables. Cold pressed juices are not only nutritious, but also ready to drink right after they're made without needing any additional preparation time. There's no need for heating or adding water; just pour straight out of the fridge with 100% natural ingredients that don't require any extra effort.

Cold-pressed juice is made by extracting the goodness of fresh fruit and vegetables through a hydraulic press, without adding any heat or oxygen to the process. As such, it remains nutritious and delicious. Cold-pressed juices can help to preserve nutrients that would otherwise be lost when cooking with heat or juicing in an electric blender. It means that you get 100% vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from cold-pressing your own juice at home.

Your Choice of Ingredients

Visit your local farmer's market or shop online for a wide variety of veggies, fruits, berries, and even protein powders. There are so many fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from- they'll make great ingredients for your juice!

High Nutritional Value

There are many types of juices and each one can offer a different benefit. Compared to conventional juices, cold-pressed ones have more nutritional value and retain the health benefits of all their ingredients.

Best for Detox

Your body is constantly being attacked by toxins that make you feel exhausted and worn out. Three of your main organs, skin, liver, and kidney are especially affected by the hazardous activities in your day-to-day life. Cold pressed juices help detoxify your system to reduce their strain on your body's natural functions. The juice also boosts immunity.

Get Youthful Radiant Skin

Drinking cold press juices can help remove free radicals in the body, allowing you to reduce the signs of aging. It also improves your skin and overall sense of well being. Not only will it give you a much-needed energy boost, but it will also make you feel better during the day.

Helps you Lose Weight

Cold-pressed juices are packed with all the nutrients and vitamins you need in order to stay satisfied for a longer period of time. It also helps curb your appetite so that you eat fewer calories, which can lead to weight loss over time. Cold-pressed juice is a great way to maintain an active lifestyle because it gives your body the energy it needs without feeling weighed down by heavy food.

Promotes A Healthier Digestive System

Cold-pressed juices are great because they help you stay healthy and cleanse your body of all those toxins. Fiber is the nutrient that helps sweep away toxic build-up from processed foods, so it's just another reason to enjoy a refreshing cold-pressed juice.

Fiber is crucial to regulating your weight, blood pressure, and cleaning out vital organs. Eating fiber keeps you full for a longer time and helps cleanse other vital organs in your body such as your kidneys and livers. It's fresh, raw, unprocessed!

Imagine picking fresh fruit and vegetables every day right in your own backyard. It doesn't get any better than that.

Have More Energy - All The Time!

Taking fruits and vegetables every day is a great way to boost your energy levels. Fresh juices help balance out the body's pH levels, and by drinking them you get to enjoy nature's best offerings.

Cold pressing also means you can prepare these healthy drinks in advance. You can bring the cold-pressed juice to work, school, or the gym for a quick energy boost. This is loads better than caffeine-laden energy drinks.

The human body is an incredible machine, and to ensure it runs at peak performance we need to take care of ourselves. That's where cold-pressed juices come in; they provide a slew of benefits like improving digestion, boosting weight loss, promoting healthy aging practices, or living healthier lifestyles.

What Juices Can You Make?

Most people know that juices are healthier than sodas but they don’t have the time or money to make them at home. Luckily, there is now a way for you to enjoy healthy drinks without spending too much and all it takes is a little effort.

There’s no need to deal with anything that's bothering you. There is juice for every issue. From stress and fatigue to skin problems, there is an energizing drink to keep your spirits high. Try one of these 8 power juices (take note that they don’t have to be all cold-pressed) today and feel healthy in no time!


Coffee drinkers, your time is up. Waking up or getting a boost of energy doesn't need to come from coffee and sugar anymore. Adding some greens to your juice can provide more than enough of an energy boost for the day. The green-pigment plants are rich in oxygenation that increases blood flow through the brain, which promotes increased brain function and overall energy levels. Try adding kale, spinach, cucumbers, green apples, celery and mint to your juice with a squeeze of lemon and slice of raw ginger for an extra kick!

Keeping The Weight Off

If you're looking to lose weight, drink more raw juices! Raw juice is full of good nutrients and antioxidants that can help speed up your metabolism. Foods with high water content are great for weight loss because they have very few calories. Good choices include watermelon and cucumbers. Carrots are also great for juicing as they have low calories and high fibre. You can also try adding other vegetables like banana, apple and kiwifruit.

Bad Skin

Cucumbers are the secret to skin that is youthful and radiant. The alkaline content of cucumbers helps restore your body's natural pH, while their high water content makes them a perfect cure for dry or aging skin. Juicing is a great natural way of regulating your internal system, bringing back alkalinity and promoting radiant skin. Hydrating foods like cucumbers are the best cure for dry or ageing skin.


Broccoli is a staple in any diet, and for good reason. It contains vitamin C which helps fight infection. This vibrant superfood also has many other benefits such as improving cardiovascular health and aiding digestion. Pairing it with other healthy foods like kiwifruits and oranges will fill you up on all of the essential vitamins your body needs from this one powerhouse vegetable.

Garlic is full of sulfur, which has antimicrobial elements that promote the immune system. Add a dash of lemon to minimise the flavor and reap all its benefits!

A Healthy Gut

The digestive system is often considered a second brain. Most people know that it's important for the stomach to process food and fluids in order for waste to be eliminated properly, but did you know that stress can affect stomach acid levels, leading to indigestion?

Remember to Juice Moderately

Yes, there is such a thing as juicing too much. In the end, it comes down to balance. You can help supplement your regular diet with some healthy juices, but you want to make sure you’re getting a good range of other essential components, such as protein and calcium in your regular diet to make the most of juicing as part of a well-rounded lifestyle.

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