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Letting the Patient Heal Himself with the Five Essentials in an Integrated Approach to Healing

Integrative Medicine is the new health practice in one meaningful way, which is different from today's mainstream medicine practices. The mainstream of integrative medicine focuses on managing the symptoms and emphasizing the use of the body's healing power in a more natural way. The goal is to help rectify the leading cause of the disease.

Integrative Medicine Approach's 5 Essentials

The recommendations given are grouped into five essentials. It includes nutrition, exercise, mindset, minimizing exposure to toxins, and chiropractic care. These five essentials are exceptionally powerful because they center on lifestyle's simplicity choices to avoid illnesses and boost the main components of health. This article will give insights about these five essentials so everybody can reflect on how possible you can integrate health's essential factors this year and set yourself for better health goals in the coming years to come.

Chiropractic Care

There are many justifications why a lot of people are going to chiropractors. The ranges from the neck, joint pain, and back limit a person's mobility, to extreme headaches that drain your focus and ability on work and other commitments. These are some of the many issues why you need to visit a chiropractor. One annual visit to a chiropractor will serve as a preventative measure to keep you and your spine in good shape.

While the main focus of chiropractic is the manipulation of the spine, chiropractic care also includes other therapy like manipulative therapies, ergonomic training, exercise, and postural education. Chiropractic care is safe for most people. It is a non-invasive and drug-free treatment that helps your spine and other musculoskeletal issues. Yes, this is another type of alternative medicine that may benefit everyone.

Ask yourself the following questions below if you take stock of your chiropractic care this year.

  • Did you get an assessment through consultation or X Rays to examine your spine's health and issues?
  • Did you have any follow-up spine adjustments and sessions?
  • Have you considered visiting a chiropractor this year?


It plays a vital role in your living lifestyle by knowing how foods affect your looks, feelings, and performance differently. Sometimes, the basis depends on the food you are eating. Having good nutrition prevents you from many diseases and promotes health. Your body needs different kinds of nutrients from the food you acquire, and it's divided into six categories. They are known as carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, fats, water, vitamins, and minerals.

Below are the primary lists outlined for a healthier diet that can help you evaluate the nutrition plan you need this year and make better choices in the coming years.

1. Your diet must include healthy fats and consume less of the damaged fats.

Healthy fats are food or supplements with Omega-3 in them like walnuts, salmon, and flaxseed. They are the kind of fats that exist naturally in food like seeds, eggs, avocados, nuts, coconut, and olives.

Damaged fats are those added trans fats and hydrogenated oils on food. It includes pasteurized dairy products like ice cream and cheese made from pasteurized milk.

2. Your diet must include proteins from animals raised without using antibiotics, growth hormones, animal by-products, or corn feed.

The cleaner the animals, the better source of proteins it can provide. It includes the essential amino acids. It gives excessive levels of healthier fats, free from antibiotics and growth hormones that may give the people metabolic dysfunction.

If you are buying for animal proteins, the key terms to know are:

- Range free or animals that are not stuck in their cages.

- Organic or those pesticide-free feed animals.

- Grass-fed or animals that consume little corn by-products.

- Hormone and antibiotic-free

3. The type of carbohydrates to eat while on a diet.

These days, many diet plans, like paleo, low carb, and keto, suggest carbohydrates reduction. But actually, there is still a place where you can include high-quality carbohydrates in your diet plan. And this is to focus more on vegetables and fruits as your primary source of carbs rather than sugar and refined grains. By this option, you will gain several health benefits, including:

- an increase in fiber intake to support digestive health, a healthy level of blood sugars, and a better way of eliminating body toxins

- a defense against stress as fruits and vegetables will serve as your body's nature front lines by providing a high level of antioxidants

- reduces damage to the body's cell components, including fats, DNA, and proteins


Focus on the good and start your year with a clean and fresh perspective and mindset. How are you going to do this?

For the last year, make an honest evaluation of your mindset and how far you'll go this year in attaining your goals. For most people, last year has put them to a real test which gives a massive strain on their mental perspective. Their lives in the past year have influenced their capability to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. But to some, the challenges from last year forced them to attain a healthier mindset. It keeps them going and pursues their goals.

Below are some other key points one should reflect on:

- Was your health the number one priority you had last year?

- Did you manage to keep up a good relationship with your family and friends despite many problems?

- Did you have healthy sleep habits, or you've been stressed out, lethargic and anxious?

- From the reflection above, is there anything you'd like to change this year and make your living lifestyle healthier and impactful?


Exercising helps reduce body fat, support brain health, and builds lean muscle. Many people realize now that exercise or having joined cutting-edge exercise programs allows them to facilitate their fitness and healthy lifestyle. In fact, you don't need to put a lot of hours into it. With minimal time, you can increase your body's performance and ability to fight anxiety, illness, and stress.

Here's to look back from the past year and evaluate if you have given yourself enough exercise.

- Did you have a regular exercise program, and were you able to maintain it?

- Did you keep, improve, and miss all your exercise goals?

- Was it difficult to schedule a time for your exercise program?

- Is there anything you'd like to change this year just to give more time for exercise and make it more productive?

Minimizing Exposure to Toxins

Every day, there are common toxins you can't stop from existing. But, you can be in control of minimizing it and removing your exposure from these body toxins. Yes, it's still possible to bring back your body's natural balance and attain its highest potential. The best way to do it is to discipline yourself and keep it away from these toxins coming into your system.

Below are the common toxins to watch out for and how they can affect your health.

- Plastics. It can damage your hormone receptors, cause fatigue, affect sex life, and the use of it might lead to serious diseases and illness. Good thing there are many ways to reduce your exposure to it by avoiding styrene products and PVC, choosing glass containers in storing food, avoiding drinking bottles with Bisphenol A, and by not heating food in a plastic container.

- Toxins from the Environment. It is called EEDs or Environmental Endocrine Disruptors. These toxins imitate hormones by altering and blocking hormone functions. They can also contribute to additional hormone-related illness cancers like prostate, breasts, and testicles. To reduce your exposure to these kinds of toxins, you should always wash and clean your hands frequently but avoid using antibacterial soap, choose to eat organic products as much as possible, and avoid using artificial fragrance products.

Grading Your Past Year and Areas Of Your Life To Improve This Year

Prove to yourself how well did you go so far. To be able to achieve a score on the 5 Essentials, go back to every section, ask and honestly answers the following:

  1. On scales of 1 to 3, how well do you comprehend the nutritional values of the living lifestyle component explained above?

- 1 = poorly

- 2 = good

- 3 = very well

  1. On scales of 1 to 3, how are your beliefs after knowing more about this lifestyle component?

- 1 = poorly

- 2 = good

- 3 = very well

  1. How willing are you to improve your lifestyle component in the current year, and what are the things you will do to justify your willingness?

By learning where to start with your health journey, you can create better health goals, as long as it is realistic, and execute the five essentials to attain the wellness you ever dreamed of. With the discussion above, it's easy for you to analyze where to improve yourself more through five essentials. It only requires your focus to balance your life in a more stable and meaningful way possible.

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