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Why You Should Be Concerned About Delayed Pain After a Car Accident

When a car accident occurs especially when it is something minor, the ones involved usually simply exchange details and settle the necessary stuff and just walk away thinking that they are okay and everything is fine with them. But what they may not be aware of is that no matter what degree of accident happened, it is vital to see a healthcare provider.

It is very important to consult your healthcare provider following a car accident because you need to be thoroughly checked for any injuries that you may have sustained and something that you do not know of yet. When an accident takes place, there are times when you do not feel any pain right away.

This is because since you are stressed, your brain may potentially ignore or block the actual pain from an injury and it may simply be only responding to the fact that you need to keep yourself secure and safe for that moment. 

Delayed Pain Following a Car Accident

It is not unusual to develop other pains or aches days or even weeks after a car accident. This incident is fairly common as there are many symptoms that take time to emerge. If in case you have already seen a doctor and have received a clean bill of health then days later you begin experiencing a new type of pain, seek out medical help immediately as it could be an indication of a more serious injury or condition.

It is essential that you do not ignore any ache or pain especially coming from a recent car accident as it could mean a deeper injury or a more serious problem. Some usual symptoms that are commonly felt days after an accident are headaches which could be an indicator of an injury either in the neck or the head or could be a sign of blood clot or concussion, or stiffness or pain in the shoulder or neck.

Other symptoms could be back pain which can be a sign of damage to the nerves, muscles, or ligaments; numbness which can mean an injury to the spine or neck. Challenge with coordination and movement can be an indication of a concussion, pain in the abdomen can be a sign of internal bleeding, and changes in personality or thinking which may signify minor brain damage that is manifesting in a different form.

Injuries as a consequence of a car accident does not just involve physical ones but also psychological. Some of the most common psychological effects after an accident are PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which may affect the person’s view about things in relation with the incident, depression, and anxiety.

Do You Need to Worry About Delayed Pain?

The presence of other symptoms following a car accident vary depending on the kind of injury as well as the type of the incidence. But do you need to worry when you experience delayed pain? Perhaps the answer will also differ based on the individual’s experience. 

One thing for sure is that as soon as you feel some fresh aches or pains days or weeks after an accident, you really should see your healthcare provider so that a comprehensive check- up can be performed. This is vital because there may be other deep injuries that need to be addressed as soon as possible. 

Ignoring new pains and aches can lead to further damage which is why seeing your healthcare provider is highly essential. For example, bruising or internal bleeding may surface after 24 to 72 hours or an injury to the neck or the brain may be noticed after 8 days. Other underlying symptoms such as a concussion can emerge after several days or hours after the incident or CWP (chronic widespread pain) may still happen anytime during the 12 months following the car accident.

Some symptoms if left untreated immediately may result in a life threatening condition like if there is an internal bleeding and the like. Visiting your healthcare provider right away is always the best thing to do so that a more detailed examination of your condition can be done and the right treatment can be implemented as soon as possible.

The experience of delayed symptoms is something that should be dealt with at the onset of the condition. And knowing about these possible concerns and understanding some preventative methods can help soften the blow of some common injuries that are related to car accidents. Among the most common one is whiplash which affects the tendons and the muscles. This condition may surface later on when the soft tissue starts to bruise and become inflamed.

Pain in the back due to strains to the herniated disks may also move further into a numb limb or sciatica. For these types of conditions and pains, you may want to consider checking out with a chiropractor and determine if chiropractic care is something that you want to go with for your treatment.

After all, seeing one will not hurt and may simply be worth it because some of them offer a free consultation anyway. Getting a proper evaluation of your injuries due to a car accident and having the right treatment will certainly go a long way because you would not only prevent further damage but you would also be sure that you have nothing to worry about in the future.

As for the legal point of view, they recommend getting a detailed medical assessment prior to signing a release liability to avoid losing out on compensation for injuries that you may be unaware of. If possible, they suggest waiting out for the maximum medical improvement which is about reaching the point of complete recovery before signing a release liability and settling a claim.

Whether the car accident is minor or major, it is very important to go to your healthcare provider such as a doctor or a chiropractor for a proper evaluation of your condition because this is the only way to determine if you have injuries that may not be obvious. For the aches and pains, Dr. Prince can help you address and relieve them so you can feel more comfortable every day.

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